Attachment – Episode 3 (with guest host, Forrest Lien)

Black Background 1400x1400 Join Carrie and Melinda as they talk with Forrest Lien, an attachment disorder therapist, and discuss Reactive Attachment Disorder, and its effect on families.


  1. Thank you for sending me the email re: Podcast about Attachment. I’m not sure what list I signed up for years ago when living with a daughter with attachment issues but it must be a God thing that I received this information and listened to the Podcast. That’s my life the Forrest was talking about. And I know you get it cuz it was yours too. Like you me and my family gave up our lives to try to help our daughter. We got the best help we could but there was no one who could help with the attachment piece. She eventually went into residential treatment at the age of 16 and got involved with the Dept. of Mental Health services so as a young adult she was able to receive services when the IEP services ran out. Unfortunately all the “help” she received hasn’t fixed the problem. The only professional who really got it was a social worker at our local hospital’s mental health unit who got to know our daughter and our family quite well over the years. She was the only one who agreed with us that the most important mental health issue our daughter and our family needed to address was her attachment disorder. We held on to contact with our daughter while she was in the system but have finally drawn a line in the sand now that she is independent with limited supervision. We told her she needs to be in therapy to deal with her attachment & adoption issues or we will not see her anymore. Her behavior is too destructive to our family to continue the relationship. Unfortunately there really aren’t any options we know of in our area for attachment services for an adult (almost 21) to receive and include the family. We are at peace with this decision because as Christians we believe God is watching over her and hears our prayers. We don’t know what the outcome will be for her but we do know that we can’t continue to give second chances to someone who isn’t able to be a family member as all the rest of the family suffers. We gave it our best but we need to survive too. Thank you for validating our family’s story by sharing your own and the story of Forrest Lien. Sincerely, Virginia
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  2. Hi Virginia, I’m so glad this podcast made it to you! How did you find us? I believe there are many people like us out there, and hope to give hope to those who think they’re alone. I am in the process of publishing a book about our journey. Look for it in about 6 weeks on Amazon. It’s called Relinquished When Love Means Letting Go, by Carrie O’Toole. Blessings to you, your family, and your daughter as you move forward. Carrie

  3. Hi Carrie, The email came out of the blue and I found your blog by googling the name of your ministry. Virginia

  4. Well Virginia, that certainly sounds like a God thing to me! Pretty awesome and amazing. I’m thankful you reached out, and pray that you and your family find healing after the tough years you’ve had. I definitely relate with the years of seeking and hoping to find help. Blessings, Carrie

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