Colorado Life Coach: Easter 2009

Easter Morning 2009             In the spring of 2009, I paced my kitchen floor crying out in utter hopelessness and distress.  This couldn’t really be happening, could it?  We had flown to Vietnam to pick up our 3½ year old son from an orphanage 8 years earlier.  The stress…

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Colorado Life Coach: The Message We Send

“You talk too much!” “You’re really shy.” “What were you thinking?” “You think you’re perfect?” We have lots of experience with people telling us who they think we are, and whether they approve. How much of that stays with us through our lives? I’m a serious extravert! That means…

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Colorado Life Coach: Misunderstood

That’s not what I meant… You don’t understand… But… Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever felt totally misunderstood, misrepresented, unheard, slandered, or betrayed. I have. Many times. And then again last week. It hurts. I hear myself protesting inside my head. The defensiveness starts. I want…

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