Colorado Life Coach: God Showed Off The Whales


We’re on a cruise!

Before I left, I wrote this blog about the last few cruises I experienced. On two different occasions, we went on Alaskan cruises. Each time, I prayed that God would show us how great He is.

The first cruise was right after our family had gone through a horrible experience, and we needed time to be together to heal.

One gorgeous day, we took a whale watching cruise. The guides knew how to track the whales, and they talked back and forth between the different boats, helping each other find the great beasts.

Our family was grieving. We were on edge. We needed to have fun together, desperately.

I prayed.

As the boat started from the dock, I prayed that God would show off. I prayed He’d have mercy on our family and bless us with this gift. I prayed that He would give this to us, just because He loved us. I knew we didn’t earn it, or deserve it.

I had been reading a book by John Eldredge where he talked about how much God loved him. He suggested we pray and ask God to show us how much He loved us.

I prayed. Hard.

And then it happened! The whales started to surface. The pod we found was one of only a few in the entire world that performs a remarkable feeding ritual called “Bubble-net fishing.” It’s an amazing sight! The whole pod dives at once. We learned to watch the surface of the water. When the seagulls started to circle, everyone on the boat looked in that direction. Soon, we saw a huge bubble of air that alerted us to the whales, ready to surface. The queen humpback would guide the whole pod to the school of fish. They blew bubbles in a circle that confused the fish, so they could only swim up. The pod encircled the queen as they all popped through the surface of the ocean. They went up about 10 feet in the air, and it was a spectacular sight. The guides said they have only seen it happen a few times. We watched it about 8 times that day.

When we went on our next Alaskan cruise a few years later, I prayed again. How could God possibly bet the last show?

On this whale watching cruise, we saw humpback whales perform “Bubble-net fishing” about 18 times, right next to our boat. We saw bald eagles, sea lions, and even Orcas.

Both times, the guides were astonished! they said it was the best show they had seen all year.

I’m learning how much God really does love me. He likes me to see what He’s created. Those whales are swimming around everywhere. God can certainly tell them where to surface. He can actually have them surface at just the right time and place so I can see.

I know God’s not my personal genie. He doesn’t always do what I want Him too.

But, sometimes He does way more than I ever thought He would.

He really loves me!

I’m so excited to see what He’ll show us on this vacation! I’ll let you know when I get back.

This post written by Colorado Life Coach, Carrie O’Toole.



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