Colorado Life Coach: Mom jeans on the bike trail :)

I’m kind of into biking this summer.

I bought toe clips, padded shorts, padded gloves without fingers, and a helmet. I look like a biker. I sort of like it.

Some days I feel really powerful. I can make it up the hills and down the long straight away without much trouble. I even pass some slower riders here and there and it feels great!

There’s always a few “really serious” bikers who go whizzing past. I give myself a break and think about how much longer they’ve been riding, or how much more they sacrifice to get into that kind of shape. I justify that I must live a more balanced life and keep things in perspective probably more than they do.

Wow! I’m so judgmental!

Of them.

Of myself.

It surfaced last weekend. I wasn’t in a great mood. I’d just had a “thing” with my husband and felt out of sorts when I left for the ride I thought would help me clear things up in my head.

Things were going along just fine. I had on all my gear and hit the trail.

And then I saw her.

Mom jean-shorts lady.

She was riding with her husband. She had on mom jeans (up to her belly-button) with a shiny belt and a t-shirt. What was she thinking? This was a bike trail, not an 80’s fashion show!

I passed her easily and felt a little better about myself.

I rode about 30 min. and turned around to ride home.

There she was again. Mom jeans on a bike.

Why did this urk me?

My heart started to soften and I realized a few things. Maybe you can relate:

1. When I feel bad about myself, sometimes I look for fault in others to make myself appear better.

2. I can be really judgmental sometimes.

3. This had nothing to do with her, and everything to do with me.

4. I had some soul work to do before I went home.

After I passed her the 2nd time, I actually pulled over and started to laugh. How ridiculous! What did this matter to me? Why do I have more right to be on the path than her? What makes me better than her? Why was I taking my hurt out on a lady I didn’t know?

I talked to God on the way home, Pretty silly, huh? It’s actually pretty cool that this woman is taking a bike ride with her husband. Lots of people use this trail to experience stress relief, exercise, enjoy nature, have fun, do something with someone they love. Thank you for this trail and all the people who get to enjoy it. Help me put my little issue into perspective, take responsibility for my actions, and reconcile with my husband.

I got home a few minutes later and was able to laugh with my husband about how I knew I was overreacting when I reacted so strongly to the lady in mom jeans. It wasn’t about her at all. It was about me.

Thank you, mom jeans lady!

How about you? Have you ever experienced a reaction like this to someone you didn’t even know? Have you ever gotten judgmental when you felt badly about yourself?

This post written by, Colorado Life Coach, Carrie O’Toole.




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