Suicide, Dear Even Hansen, and Hope

It happened again.

In the last weeks, 2 students from my old high school committed suicide.

And we’re heartbroken. Again.

Last night I saw the musical Dear Evan Hansen. It was an absolutely amazing show! It reminded me of the struggles high school kids face daily. Life is so hard! Kids can be so cruel. They feel totally alone and unseen. They struggle with depression and anxiety at unprecedented rates. The message of this show is profound and hopeful and I loved it!!

I won’t spoil the plot, but we get the message that even when we totally screw up, and life seems like it will never get better and there’s no way out, we will get through it. Life will be good again.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This morning I talked to God about the show, and here are my takeaways:

We are all broken. Share it with 1 or 2 safe people, but more importantly, with the God of the Universe, who loves you more than you’ll ever be able to comprehend. Fall apart in front of him. Tell him everything, and then get still. Rest. Listen. Let him hold you–just picture him holding you. Stay there awhile, until you calm down, and can feel the peace that you don’t even understand. Then get back up again. You can do this. It will get better. I’ve been there. Don’t give up. Ask for help. You may think no one cares, but your thoughts are not always accurate. You may feel totally alone, but feelings are just indicators, they’re not reality. You can learn to change your reality. You can create a new reality, with help.

Reach out! To your parents, a counselor, a pastor, a friend, a friend’s parent, a teacher, a coach, a suicide hotline:


You don’t want to die. You just want the paint stop.

When my son was younger and struggling, we prayed asking if he should go to counseling. While waiting for an answer, we drove past a billboard for Ace Hardware that said, “Get in, Get help, Get on with your life!” God speaks in many ways!

For all who struggle, I care. You are not alone. It will get better. Please hang on.





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